5 Tips On Designing Backdrops For Small Stages

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Event venues come in different sizes. Most of the time, an event production company in Dubai would handle smaller events in smaller venues.

Some may think that designing small spaces are easy, it can be a challenge for some event stylist and exhibition stand builders in Dubai. If this is your first time to handle such complicated project, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Know the estimated number of guests


The first thing that you need to know when design a small stage on a small venue is the audience size. More or less, the event organizer can provide an estimated number of guests who already RSVP’d. This would give you an idea on how big the stage should be. Also you need to take into account the equipment and other props. It would be best to create a layout of where you will place all the elements based on the requirements.


  1. Make use of the corners


Since you are dealing with a limited space, you need to maximize every corner. So instead of putting the equipment and props at the back of the stage, put it in the corners. This can save you some more space and use it widen the floor area. But wisely cover the sides and corners so it will not be an eyesore to the guests. Creative event stylist can expertly hide these details and make it seem like a part of the overall design scheme.


  1. Go for light lighting fixtures


If you want to create a big impact in a small space, try using lightweight LED bulbs and fixtures. It will provide you with the lighting that you need while you save some headroom. Using traditional luminaries will make the space look and feel heavier. This can affect the design feel and create a negative and heavy vibe.


  1. Elevate the stage


Elevating the stage would give the stage an illusion of height and emphasize the stage, as compared to staging it flat on the floor. It can also help you create more room to hide some props and save some space. The ideal elevated height is 24 inches above the floor.


  1. Go wide

For event space with low ceiling, it is not advisable to create designs that would emphasize the stage disadvantage. Instead, try to create an illusion of wideness in your design so people can focus on the sides, not on the ceilings.