Buying Affordable Medicines In Dubai Is No Longer A Dream

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It is true that being a Dubai ruler is not easy. The regional investment capital of the hub as so many things going on concurrently that it feels like a burden. When it comes to healthcare, availability of treatment and medicine play a key role. Unfortunately, a large segment of human population across the world don’t find medicine to be affordable enough. That’s a universal problem as pharmaceutical companies object to slashing prices of many different types of medicine claiming that they incurred more on research and development and cannot slash prices any further.  Still, it is good to see that some countries are trying their bit to contain the prices of medicines and keep it that way. In fact, you might see Dubai taking the crown by slashing prices to the level that they become affordable for those who couldn’t afford them earlier. Here is more on how Dubai seems to be leading the way to affordable healthcare:

Healthcare For All

You can argue all you like but it is not justified to deny the fact that Dubai is taking practical steps in making healthcare affordable. The government is forcing pharmaceutical companies to keep prices down so that common people could also buy them. Subsidies are also there that help keep prices down to some extent. There are different forms of subsidies – the reduced margin of taxes and slashing duties. Both results in reduction of the overall retail price of a number of medicines. This is in fact the easy method that is being applied by the government.  We may see some more efforts put in this regard but even at current stage the existing efforts are good enough to motivate people to go to Dubai for treatment sake. After all, affordable medicine is something every person looks for.

Budget Not An Issue

There was a time when healthcare was an expensive affair. Patients had to pay a lot even for visit a doctor during outpatient timing. Affording a specialist was even more expensive and cost patients more money than they could easily afford. Today, with prices of medicines going down often, healthcare in Dubai seems like a top priority. In fact, if current trends are anything to go by, we may see Dubai becoming the next hub of healthcare in this part of the world. So far, early signs are in the green and things are shaping up nicely.